What is Spinal Alignment?


Your Body Heals itself, and Spinal Alignment helps your body do it’s job.

Your body runs on electrical signals that come from the brain and are sent to all parts of your body. If the signal is weak, your body will get weaker day by day. A good spinal alignment improves the neurological connection and enhances the signals. Stronger signals from the brain allow your body to get stronger. It really is that simple!

Your spine is made up of 24 individually movable bones called vertebrae. All people, regardless of their health status, have some vertebrae that have been stuck for years. This puts pressure on delicate nerves and weakens the signals from the brain. Pain is a symptom of weakness. By the time you are feeling any pain it is an indication that something has been wrong for some period of time. Chiropractic will not eliminate your pain, but it will allow your body to heal the problem that is causing you the pain.

Good spinal alignment is when all of those 24 movable bones are freely movable. With our Acoustic Resonance Technology we can show you the difference in your spinal mobility from the time you walk in to the time you walk out.

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