Your Visit


First visits are only $30 and no appointments are necessary!

You are welcome any time during our regular hours. There is usually a steady flow of people coming and going all day. You are always welcome to watch the procedure and encouraged to ask questions.

We will explain everything as we go, and when you feel comfortable being adjusted, you can jump right in.

The most important thing is to get you on the right track towards proper spinal alignment. We use cutting edge technology to help you achieve this and we now have the capability to measure an adjustments effects by showing your alignment before and after a visit. For more information about this equipment visit our Cutting Edge Chiro section. If you decide to take advantage of the membership plan, your $30 will be applied to the first month's payment.


If you'd like to sign up before your first visit, Check out our Membership Sign-up Page
And find out how to get the most out of your membership in our Philosophy section.

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