The Keenan Chiro Difference


The Way to Get the Most Out of Your Care is Frequency

Regular visits will result in a spinal alignment that will provide you with the best possible state for your body. For this reason, we do not accept insurance. Most companies limit the number of visits you can get under your claim. Besides, it costs less this way for everyone! By offering low cost visits and memberships, we make regular spinal care more affordable than the co-pay on most insurance policies.

This means you can get unlimited visits on your own schedule and on your budget to allow your body to become stronger and more stable. Take control of your health care for once, instead of letting your policy dictate it!

The problem that we address is that everyone’s spine has been injured since childhood and has grown with varying degrees of impairment. From the moment we are born, our spines are being stressed and this has an enormous effect on our overall well-being throughout our lives If you've never been adjusted, come down today. Your 1st visit is only $30! If you join up, the $30 counts toward the monthly payment.

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