When Should I Get Adjusted?

My answer to this question is based on the understanding that the chiropractic adjustment would be better received by the general public if it was offered from the fitness industry instead of our so-called “health” care/ insurance system. I recommend that people perform any strenuous activity before an adjustment. I also recommend that people relax after the adjustment and avoid strenuous activity. Sleep would be ideal. 

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Who Taught Steven Salzburg About Chiropractic?

A Forbes magazine article written by Steven Salzburg declares that $496 million was “wasted” on Medicare payments to chiropractors in 2013. Though Salzburg seems to have a personal problem with chiropractic, he may be on to something. Much of the money spent on supposed “chiropractic care” is indeed wasted, but maybe it is because the Medicare system pays chiropractors to treat eligible people’s eligible symptoms on a very limited basis. The problem is that chiropractic care is not for symptom treatment. Chiropractic care is about keeping people’s brain-body neurological connection clear, free from unnecessary, abnormal pressure.

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