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Serving people the best chiropractic adjustments since 1984.

We offer people Spinal Adjustments differently than most places. There is no “twisting” or “cracking” of the neck. We do not take any insurance because insurance limits the number of visits a person can have.

Spinal Adjusting is one of the greatest discoveries in human history. DD Palmer should have gotten a Nobel prize for his contribution to understanding human vitality.  Spinal Adjusting improves the nerve connection between your brain and your body.  Every gland, every organ, every muscle in your body depends on that connection.





What people do not know is that their nerve connection is restricted.  

Everyone’s spine is growing up tighter than normal, with many of the 24 movable segments stuck together from previous injuries.  Proper Spinal Adjustments loosen up your spine, relieve pressure on the nerve connections and restore the normal flow of vital life energy to every part of the body.

We offer people unlimited visits on a membership basis. This means you can pay once a month for unlimited visits.  We are open 5 days a week and no appointments are needed, ever.  Even the first visit, come by our office and just watch a few people come and go. We specialize in a 5 Minute Spinal Alignment which means most visitors are adjusted in just 5 minutes! They will all tell you what a difference Spinal Adjusting makes when it is used correctly.

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